27 Apr 21

All new Renaults will be capped at 180km/h

Renault Group CEO Luca de Meo has announced all new Renaults will be capped at 180km/h in a bid to improve road safety and reduce accidents.

"Speed is the cause of one third of all lethal accidents," said Mr de Meo. "For that reason, we will cap all Renault and Dacia models at 180km/h."

It is unclear whether the inclusion of the budget brand Dacia in his statement reflects actual top speeds of Dacia cars or whether it is meant as a preemptive rule in case such top speeds would ever be feasible in a Dacia.

In 2020, Volvo made a similar announcement.

Photo: Renault CEO Luca de Meo (copyright: Shutterstock)


Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck