22 Feb 19

Pollution causes Paris go-slow

The unseasonably warm winter weather has had the effect of raising pollution levels so much in Greater Paris that anti-pollution measures have been put in place this Friday, February 22nd. The Prefect in charge of the police, the defence and security of Paris – Michel Delpuech – has decreed lower speed limits on many types of road. These came into force at 5.30 am.

In concrete terms, those sections of motorway within the region which are normally governed by a 130 km/h limit are reduced to 110 km/h, those motorways and expressways which are normally at 110 km/h are reduced to 90 km/h, and those normally at 90 km/h (including National and Departmental roads, ‘N’ and ‘D’) are reduced to 70 km/h.

The Prefecture adds that it recommends the use of public transport wherever possible, and that some residential parking will be free today, allowing drivers to leave their cars at home.

(Image: wikipedia)

Authored by: Tim Harrup