3 Nov 17

Enel acquires eMotorWerks

Californian charging point manufacturer eMotorWerks has been acquired by Enel, the Italian utility company, opening the way for Enel to integrate the U.S. company's vehicle-to-grid platform into its global product offering.

eMotorWerks operates a grid-balancing system based on the Internet of Things called JuiceNet, which combines historic data on particular drivers' charging habits with live info about the grid itself. This allows the system to calculate the most opportune time for charging, and for selling back energy to the grid. The company also supplies its own chargers, called JuiceBox.

Enel already has 25,000 smart chargers installed and is developing vehicle-to-grid projects of its own in Europe, with Nissan and Mitsubishi. It has already confirmed that it will integrate JuiceNet into its charging points in the near future, while eMotorWerks will get access to all of its global markets.

Image: Enel

Authored by: Frank Jacobs