4 Sep 18

Blockchain could join up EV recharging networks

Blockchain technology could hold the key to giving drivers access to nationwide networks of electric charge points for battery-powered cars, according to a UK-based project.

The number of public electric vehicle charge points is increasing rapidly, but recharging networks are fragmented, denying drivers access to universal recharging facilities, and making payments complicated as each stakeholder develops their own solutions.

Share&Charge, a subsidiary of MotionWerk, argues that the lack of a co-ordinated, easily accessible nationwide charging infrastructure is obstructing the adoption of EVs.

To solve this problem it has developed a blockchain solution that would provide drivers with seamless access to all charge points and make payments easy.

The company argues that the decentralised nature of a blockchain network will allow businesses to interact cooperatively with competitors. The system will use secure peer-to-peer token transfers to make payment straightforward wherever a driver recharges their EV.

Share&Charge will test its blockchain vision in the UK, working with partners Electric Blue, EVBox, EVDriver, Hubeleon, The Phoenix Works and Volkswagen Financial Services.


Authored by: Jonathan Manning