11 Mar 19

Autoglass and Aviva offer seamless windscreen replacement claims service

Autoglass and insurance giant Aviva have joined forces to make it easier for drivers to get a damaged windscreen repaired or replaced.
The UK’s leading vehicle glass repair and replacement company has launched a new integrated online tool with insurance partner Aviva, allowing UK customers to make an online windscreen insurance claim through the MyAviva online portal.

This is the first time Aviva Insurance has partnered with a supplier to create a fully integrated digital pathway using MyAviva and both parties are enthusiastic about its potential to simplify and streamline the claims process.

The collaboration allows secure exchange of customer information, the motorists’ Vehicle Registration Number and other relevant pieces, between Autoglass and Aviva, enabling a windscreen claim to be processed online within minutes. 
The service launched in the UK in the last quarter of 2018 as part of Aviva’s global partnership with Autoglass’ parent company Belron, which operates in 30 countries worldwide and whose corporate customers include Alphabet, Arval and Leaseplan.

Autoglass handles the vehicle glass claims for seven of the top 10 motor insurance companies in the UK and the scale and reach of the two companies could pave the way for similarly integrated services in other European countries.

“The data integration and alignment project took around three months to complete in the UK, and while there may be some complexity in getting data and processes aligned, in theory, we think this is something that other countries will want to explore,” said Autoglass’ head of digital Ed Colley.

Just a couple of months after the service went fully operational, Colley said it was already resulting in a higher proportion of successful replacement bookings.

 “People are increasingly organising their busy lives using their smartphones and this collaboration enables people to make a claim on their smartphone or desktop in a matter of minutes. 
“Drivers don’t always have all the information they need at their fingertips, but by pre-populating some of the most important fields using information from the clients’ insurance data, we can usually get the claim processed more quickly.

“This is more convenient for the driver and reduces potential down-time for the fleet manager while ensuring Autoglass technicians get all the information they need to complete a swift and efficient repair or replacement.

Author: Mark Sutcliffe