13 Mar 19

Over half of van drivers risk fine for using their mobile phone

More than half of van drivers admitted to making calls behind the wheel without using a hands-free device. Almost a third said their vans are not hands-free enabled.

That’s the result of a survey Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles conducted in the UK among 500 van drivers.

Some surprising numbers:

  • 23% said their vans are not hands-free enabled
  • 33% fail the use the technology even if their vehicle is fully-equipped
  • 27% said their vehicle was fitted with hands-free technology and they always use it to make phone calls while driving

On average, van drivers spend 35 minutes on the phone each day in their vehicle, making an average of seven calls a day. One in 10 spends two hours on the phone while driving during the working day.

This survey comes two years after tougher laws governing the use of mobile phones were introduced in the UK. Since March 2017, driving while using a device (regardless whether it is for texting, calling, taking photos or anything else) has carried a fine of £200 and a six-point penalty on drivers’ licence. Being caught twice is enough to have your licence revoked.

According to data from the UK Department for Transport, nearly half a million drivers still use their phones behind the wheel while phone distraction is listed as a contributory factor in over 30 deaths annually.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck