25 Jan 22

AG and Arval launch Go4Lease

Car leasing.

Following the rapid growth of private leasing in Belgium, insurance specialist AG and vehicle leasing company Arval decided to launch Go4Lease. 

Go4Lease, which has emerged as a private leasing formula, also represents the commitment to provide better insurance in Belgium and neighbouring countries. 

Go4Lease will provide an "all-inclusive" leasing contract to customers, enabling them to permanently drive a new or a recent car. Private leasing lets customers pay for the use-value of a car while benefiting from the services such as maintenance and warranty extension offered through the lease. The new service will so be an addition in the offering of the AG agencies in Belgium. 

Private leasing is booming

Private leasing is growing in Belgium while countries like Netherlands, France and the UK have already gained momentum in the industry, as the last two have each 1,5 million private leased cars. 

The new Go4Lease service will be:

  • Being distributed by a network of more than 4.000 AG brokers, 
  • Prioritising the insurance component, handled by the specialized AG insurance brokers,
  • Integrating Arval's services and expertise regarding the financing of the vehicle, including service, maintenance and repair, simulation tool and repair network,
  • Encouraging the electrification of fleets through private leasing in Belgium.  

According to Belgian statistics bureau Statbel, sales of hybrid vehicles and battery electric vehicles grew 67% and 70%, respectively, in 2021. 

Image: Shutterstock.

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen