14 Sep 21

Belgian employees would take a mobility budget in place of a car

Company car or mobility budget? Research reveals Belgian employees favourite

Research by Belgian-based employment partner Securex has revealed that a quarter of employees with a company car in Belgium would rather have a mobility budget from their employer, but only 4% of Belgian employees currently receive one.

Almost half of workers say their employer is considering alternatives - other than a company car - for their commute. The mobility budget is one of the more interesting options.

Not yet ready to give up the company car completely

“A mobility budget means that the employee agrees with the employer on a specific amount that would otherwise be used to pay for a company car. With this amount, he or she can choose mobility benefits tailored to his or her individual situation. A company car can still be part of this, but 4 out of 10 employees who opt for a mobility budget drop their company car,” explains Heidi Verlinden, HR Research Expert at Securex .

In Belgium, one fifth of employees still do not receive mobility benefits. Examples include a kilometer allowance (29%), a commuting allowance (29%), a public transport subscription (15%) or a company bicycle (2%). 

However, despite a keen interest in receiving a mobility budget, the research still showed a reluctance from employees who currently have a company car to give it up completely.

Image courtesy of Securex.

Authored by: Alison Pittaway