14 Jan 20

Electric shared cars for Belgium

Scandinavian car-sharing operation GreenMobility is entering the Belgian market with its offering of electric cars. The company has just been granted a parking and car sharing permit from the City of Antwerp, which sees a strong potential in shared electric vehicles, reducing private car use and improving the environment.

GreenMobility will launch its electric car sharing service in a joint venture with local partners, and intends at a later stage to expand to Brussels and Ghent.

Greenmobility’s market analysis has indicated that the Belgian market holds a significant potential and therefore decided to enter the country in a joint venture with its local partner Deurnese Transportmaatschappij NV (DTM).

The company’s strategy will increasingly be to establish itself with own local operation, through wholly or partly owned subsidiaries that will operate the local city, rather than franchise partnerships. This is in line with the operations in Copenhagen & Aarhus in Denmark, and at  the beginning of 2020 also Malmö and Göteburg in Sweden.

GreenMobility’s service in Antwerp will have an expected start in the spring of 2020, where a fleet of up to 350 EV’s will be built up.

(Image: Greenmobility)

Authored by: Tim Harrup