12 Apr 19

B2B voucher service from Uber

Uber has just announced a new service designed for businesses. Under the name of ‘Uber Vouchers’, it enables companies to provide their customers with free or discounted ride-hail trips. The new offering is designed to offer an alternative to offering shuttle services or rental cars. It will also enable businesses such as bars and restaurants to offer these vouchers to customers who may have been drinking and cannot drive themselves home.

Along with this, Uber explains, companies can launch voucher campaigns and programmes with a specified budget. Businesses can send vouchers to their customers via email, social media and mobile messaging.

Peace of mind comes in the fact that companies offering vouchers only pay for those actually used during any such campaign, along with any applicable administrative fees. No payment is made for unused parts of the campaign. Payment is through the usual Uber channels and reporting on use is also provided.

(Image: Uber)

Authored by: Tim Harrup