16 Apr 19

Bynx, preparing for managing vehicles in the future

Bynx v12.8 - tools and dashboard for the future of mobility management

Global supplier of fleet and mobility management solutions Bynx has released v12.8 of its platform to pave the way for the mobility landscape of the future. New apps are also being added to its solution portfolio.

Alongside enhancements to the Client Portal, Bynx v12.8 adds new maintenance features to the Bynx Driver App and faster counter reservations for rental clients. A new user interface for trade sales improves the remarketing tool.

Unprecedented changes ahead

Says Gary Jefferies, sales and marketing director at Bynx: “All of this makes sense as we move into the mobility landscape of the future. We’re going with those changes so customers can embrace every new opportunity while still optimally managing commercial assets.”

In addition, Bynx fully supports digital tax initiatives (like those of the UK’s HMRC), improvements to third-party funding management and reporting capabilities.

A new INSPECTION app for Bynx users (currently available for Android on Google Play) allows customers to create a variety of vehicle and asset inspection reports remotely.

Authored by: Alison Pittaway