8 Aug 19

Curve-leaning Carver reborn as affordable electric "microcar"

25 years ago, the Dutch company Carver launched the One, a maverick three-wheeler that looked like a motorcycle and drove like one, too, with its ability to lean in corners, whilst having a car steering wheel and proper seats.

In 2009, engine supply issues meant the end of the Carver One, of which only 250 units were built due to its hefty price tag (€30,000). In September 2019 the brand will rise from its ashes with a new interpretation of the concept.

The new model will be powered electrically by two in-wheel hub motors developing 2kW each. The battery can hold 5.3kWh and yields up to 100km of range.

The best news is that it will only cost €7,990, putting it in competition with the Renault Twizy - which is a quadricycle. As a matter of fact, Carver will have it homologated as an enclosed narrow vehicle (ENV), just like the late BMW C1, which makes things a lot easier from a type-approval point of view. 

Its potential as a shared vehicle is considerable, not least because it can take two people and 70 litres of luggage. Also, it comes with a removable fabric roof and side windows, making it suitable for any climate.

Authored by: Dieter Quartier