20 Feb 20

WeShare expands across Europe

WeShare is going European in 2020. VW's free-floating carsharing scheme currently offers 1,500 e-Golf cars in Berlin (pictured), and has acquired 50,000 customers since its launch last July. This year, the service will expand to seven more cities in Germany, and into five other European countries. 

In the spring, WeShare will open up shop in Hamburg (Germany) and Prague (Czech Rep.) Later in the year, the formula will become available in Paris (France), Madrid (Spain), Budapest (Hungary), Munich (Germany) and Milan (Italy). 

Across all its locations, WeShare will operate an all-electric fleet of 8,400 vehicles. In Prague and Budapest, WeShare will cooperate with Skoda. Elsewhere, WeShare will offer VW's e-Golf and e-Up!, and by the end of the year, the ID.3.

WeShare is operated by Urban Mobility International (UMI), headquartered in Berlin. The aim is for UMI to develop, pool and provide all of VW's vehicle-on-demand services in major cities throughout Europe. 

Image: Volkswagen

Authored by: Frank Jacobs