1 Feb 21

Arval launches new mobility services

As part of its 360° Mobility offer, Arval is now introducing Mobility Hub, a Mobility app and Mobility Consulting. It’s all part of Arval Beyond, the company’s strategic plan to become a leader in sustainable mobility.

Following the recent launch of bicycle leasing in eight countries, this threefold launch further strengthens Arval’s 360° Mobility offer. So, what’s what? 

Arval Mobility Hub
-    The hub gathers all shared mobility options (car-sharing, bicycle-sharing, micro-mobility) made available by a corporate client. 
-    This makes these options easily accessible for their employees. 
-    The hub is being launched in France and will soon roll out across Europe. 

Arval Mobility app
-    The app is a mobility aggregator that enables employees to choose the most suitable mobility option for their journey, at the tap of a finger. 
-    Employees can plan, book and pay on demand for the mobility mode best suited for their needs.
-    The app was launched in the Netherlands and is now available to selected customers in France and Germany. It will roll out to all customers in a few months. 

Arval Mobility Consulting
-    Designed by Arval Consulting, this integrated solution helps Arval clients set up new, multifaceted mobility policies. 
-    It consists of three stages: setting customer objectives, understanding current practices, and implementing appropriate solutions. 
-    This service is available across 11 countries in Europe.

According to the Arval Mobility Observatory’s latest barometer, 74% of European companies already have (or will soon have) at least one alternative mobility solution for their employees.  

“Companies know that the future of employee mobility means offering all employees – not just those with company cars – a set of options for their professional and personal mobility,” says Arval chairman and CEO Alain Van Groenendael (pictured).

“Our mission at Arval is making this future a reality. We offer a complete range of mobility services in one app, as well as locally available transport options. Even more, via Arval Mobility Consulting, we offer end-to-end support for out clients’ new, multi-faceted mobility policies.”

Authored by: Frank Jacobs