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31 Oct 18

Cast your vote for the International Fleet Industry Award 2018

Who will succeed Tesla, winner of the 2017 International Fleet Industry Award, with their ADAS system Autopilot?

The International Fleet Industry Award goes to a fleet and mobility supplier that has developed a new and innovative service or solution, contributing to the optimisation of fleet and mobility management and responding to the future needs of its community.

The jury composed of International Fleet Managers (see below), selected 9 finalists. These finalists presented their innovative solution to the jury via video-conference and the jury casted their final votes which represent 70% of the final decision. 

Indeed, 30% of the voting is still open, and lays in your hands. An online voting page have been opened to give you the opportunity to select your preferred innovative tool of this year's supplier community. The 9 finalists will also pitch their solution in the Fleet Europe Village at the Fleet Europe Summit (28 November) if you are not yet convinced.

The voting of the Fleet Europe community counts for 30%. The winner will be revealed on 28 November in the Fleet Europe Village in Barcelona. Secure your seat if it's not done yet! 

Here are the 2018 nominees: 

ALD Automotive
With ALD Car Sharing

ALD Car Sharing is an online car sharing solution for employees that covers the entire driver journey, for both professional and personal purposes, with a dedicated app for booking the car and keyless access to the vehicles. This solution is easy to use, flexible, cost efficient and environmentally friendly. It allows corporate clients to optimize the use of their corporate vehicles fleets, reducing their total cost of mobility and providing an attractive car-sharing solution for all their employees. Vote now!

With ChangeMyCar

The world is changing, people are moving from ‘traditional ownership’ to ‘usership’ when it comes to mobility. ChangeMyCar® brings the flexibility of Car Rental for the same cost as Car Leasing. This means no more unbudgeted costs for fleet customers. Drivers simply use an App to view, swipe, choose and change their car from their smartphone and take delivery of the car they need or want the next day! Vote now!

Drive Now
With Drive Now

Car-sharing platform DriveNow is further increasing the availability of vehicles, to provide customers with even greater benefits in the daily mobility mix while contributing to relieving the traffic situation in cities. With gas station operator TOTAL, DriveNow introduced a digital payment function with direct communication between the car of the customer and the cash point system. Therefore, DriveNow customers can pay directly from their car at TOTAL service stations and no longer need to go to the checkout making the traditional fuel card in the car obsolete. Vote now!

With FleetCarma EV Sustainability Assessment

Through high-fidelity vehicle-side data, FleetCarma, a Geotab company, provides a platform for fleet and sustainability managers to analyse and run efficiency diagnostics, allowing them to forecast fleet usage, performance, the effects of their decisions, and how to transition to an electric fleet. In addition to detailed reporting, the Electric Vehicle Sustainability Assessment (EVSA) supports budgetary decisions by accurately forecasting a fleet’s ROI. The EVSA was developed with one main goal - drive electric vehicle adoption. Vote now!

With LeasePlan End-toEnd Electric Programme

This LeasePlan end-to-end offering accelerates the transition to zero emission mobility in an integrated way. The programme offers: a charging service (via charge card that support 75,000 public chargers, home charging with automatics reimbursement and workplace charger solution); lease vehicles related services (a holiday car to complete your long distance trips during the holiday and the ‘try electric’ concept to provide a short-term EV to try out if electric driving is for you); EV consultancy & driver support to support our clients and drivers to facilitate a smooth transition to EV. Vote now!

With Enhanced Vehicle Management

The technological solution ‘EVM’ (Enhanced Vehicle Management) consists of a latest generation web-based platform for advanced fleet management, combined with a proprietary on-board telematics device and a dedicated mobile app.The EVM solution is able to monitor on-board diagnostics and plan both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions. In addition, the platform is able to manage multiple fleets and multiple users for each fleet. The EVM technological solution allows real time application of advanced analytics to behavioural, contextual, diagnostic and other telematics data. Vote now!

With Fuel +

Fuel+ is the answer to the issue of managing multiple fuel cards across EMEA, and in many cases, multiple cards per market. Fuel+ is a global fuel management programme with the ability to harness data from multiple fleet service providers to provide complete visibility and cost savings. Fuel+ audits and consolidates the fuel and mileage data and gives customers a global view in one currency, on one platform. Alternatively, Fuel+ can provide a single fuel card for all markets to use.  Vote now!

With Transition+

Transition+ was created to help a large international client with the transition of it’s 12,300 strong fleet across 15 markets from multiple leasing companies to one leasing company. Transition+ serves when moving between or managing multiple leasing, telematics and fuel card providers. Transition+ is already avalaible in more than 40 markets, and expanding quickly.  Transition+ takes data feeds from the clients’ fleet supply chain – including leasing, accident, fuel card and telematics data –overlays it with employee data and consolidates it.  Vote now!

With WeNow

WeNow offers a replicable solution to measure, reduce and offset carbon emissions. The solution can be used both in the public and the private sector, as well as by individuals. WeNow is particularly concerned about setting the example to measure, reduce and offset carbon emissions. For example with the WeNowBox, which helps the driver to measure, reduce and optimize the carbon emissions of their vehicle. Vote now!

Thank you to the jury for their active participation in the selection of the finalists:

  • Geert Behets, Global Travel, Fleet and Meetings Manager, UCB
  • Hans den Hollander, Manager Car Fleet EMEAR, Cisco
  • Fer Derwort, European Fleet Manager, Infor
  • Pim De Weerd, Global Fleet Manager, Philips
  • Maaike Hofwijk - Van Hemmen, European Fleet Manager, G4S Europe
  • David Omodei, Sr Procurement Engagement Manager, Microsoft
  • Wojciech Regucki, EMEA Fleet Manager, Abbvie
  • Montse Empez Vidal, Chief Purchasing Officer, Applus
  • Steven Schoefs, Chief Editor, Nexus Communication. 
Authored by: Steven Schoefs