21 Oct 21

Fleet procurement pivotal to addressing challenges

Fleet Logistics Group is this year's sponsor of the European Fleet Procurement Manager of the Year category at the Fleet Europe Awards that will be presented at a glittering ceremony in Brussels on November 10th. Steffen Schick, CEO Fleet Logistics Group, gives us his views on key fleet procurement issues that are challenging our industry right now.

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How do you see fleet procurement evolve in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, post-pandemic and chip shortage?

The pandemic has highlighted the need for flexibility to address external challenges (and opportunities). Fleet Procurement has played - and will continue to play - a pivotal role in incorporating this flexibility in the sourcing approach. Moreover, fleet procurement will be challenged to enable and support the move from fleet to mobility management.

What is your advice about sourcing and procurement for corporate fleets wanting to transform from Fleet to Mobility?

Corporate mobility managers will need to follow a rigid strategy-setting process, educated by the overall objectives of their organisation, and evaluate the financial impact of mobility alternatives, They will also have to develop a comprehensive change management concept and a “launch and learn” approach to piloting new elements of their mobility strategy.

What are you looking forward to seeing, or hope to see, in terms of focus elements from the finalists of this year’s Fleet Europe Awards? 

It is exciting to see how fleet/mobility management is reinventing itself and pushing its boundaries. The hot topics will likely be “electrification” and “new mobility”. In this respect, I look forward to seeing plenty of innovative ideas and stories of successful execution, be it from industry veterans or a new generation of mobility managers.

Image of Steffen Schick, CEO Fleet Logistics Group, courtesy of Fleet Logistics Group

Authored by: Alison Pittaway