15 Feb 22

The future of Corporate Mobility? You tell us!

It takes just a few minutes for you to complete our Corporate Mobility Survey. This will help us build an overview of Corporate Mobility in Europe that will benefit the entire sector – your company included. 

The company car isn’t dead. It’s just got… company. From various other ways to travel to, from and for work. Increasingly, corporates are offering those other ways to their staff, all under the heading ‘Corporate Mobility’. 

It’s a bundle of options that is grows more rich, flexible, sustainable and – crucially – seamless every day. As a result, both employers and employees are keen to explore the many possibilities it offers.  

First-hand experience

But what are those options today? What’s still missing? And what is the future potential of Corporate Mobility? The field is vast and evolving fast. The best experts are those with first-hand experience. That’s why we want to hear from fleet and mobility customers like you. 

To get a full view on the current state of Corporate Mobility in Europe, Fleet Europe and Free Now for Business want you to tell us what the ideal Corporate Mobility environment looks like. 

Free whitepaper

Our short survey takes only five minutes to complete. The results will be analysed in an upcoming whitepaper, which will be freely accessible to all. 

Those results will help everybody in the fleet and mobility ecosystem – including you – make the most out of Corporate Mobility, today and tomorrow. Not only will they allow corporates to improve their Employee Experience (EX), but they will also help them reduce cost and improve sustainability. 

The Corporate Mobility Survey by Fleet Europe and Free Now for Business is accessible until 21 March. Please take a few minutes now to complete it! 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs