12 Jun 19

Ucar offers P2P carsharing

French car rental company Ucar has launched a peer-to-peer (P2P) carsharing offer called Ucar2share. This allows car owners to offer their vehicle up for rent. 

The offer, which has been piloted for several months and which also involves advantageous financing offers for buyers/lenders of new cars, was officially launched past weekend. 

The fact that Ucar acts as a trusted third party is crucial, Ucar CEO Jean-Claude Puerto told Autoactu.com: “Trust is essential for carsharing, because cars can cause accidents. That’s why you shouldn’t share cars over a certain age or mileage.”

According to Mr Puerto, the time is ripe for P2P carsharing: vehicles are in use no more than 5% of the time, a recent poll says 55% of French are willing to share their car, and the technology to manage this is now widely available. 

A final incentive: the city bans on old, polluting vehicle models, already in operation in Paris and soon in its wider metropolitan area. One aim of the carsharing scheme is to provide drivers of these older models with an affordable alternative – short of buying a new car.  

Authored by: Frank Jacobs