16 Oct 17

DIMO launches Notilus YOURWAY fleet management software

DIMO Software, a French software firm based in Lyon, with offices in Paris, Biarritz, Nantes, Madrid in Europe and Montreal and Toronto in Canada, combined its two business lines as a publisher and integrator of management solutions by developing Notilus YOURWAY. This new software covers all the processes linked to the management of fleets of everyday vehicles, going from the implementation of operational actions to the piloting and analysis of fleet status indicators.

The goal of the software is to optimize the monitoring and control of company car fleets.

With Notilus Yourway, the firm says it completes its offer to professional customers, helping fleet managers to maintain visibility into the life cycle of vehicles, easily manage fines & claims and follow the assignments of the vehicles. The software also provides customized access rights for each user.

Apart from the operational management support, it also permits users to make an elaborate fleet analysis with data export possibilities and be alerted in case of abnormalities.

Through a partnership with Autovista, Dimo also provides the integration of a complete model catalogue into its software, with the possibility to automatically retrieve information from the car manufacturers. Furthermore, the programme allows to assign a vehicle according to the profile of the collaborator by following the car policy of the company.

The company emphasizes the simplicity, safety (traceability of all modifications) and technicity (smartphone and tablet compatibility) of the software, that is server-based and accessible from anywhere at any time provided the user has the rights to access the programme.

YOURWAY complements the NOTILUS offer of travel- and expenses-management software, available in six languages, with programs such as Notilus Travel, Notilus Expense (processing and control of expense reports), Notilus Invoice and Notilus Decision.



Authored by: Stijn Blanckaert