16 May 19

New carsharing service in Paris

The City of Paris is launching a new car sharing service, Mobilib’, to offer shared and clean mobility in the French capital.

It is not the first public car sharing initiative of the city – remember the disaster of Autolib – but this time the cooperation with four different mobility operators might be different. Ada, Communauto, Drivy and Ubeeqo have been chosen as the four carsharing operators that will deploy a total of 1,213 shared cars. 

The lion share will be provided by Europcar’s Ubeeqo, which will provide 850 cars, and all on a closed loop system – hence they have to be picked-up and dropped off at the same station. Other cars of Mobilib’ will be free to be dropped-of at any station of choice. For all of them the city will reserve 1,213 parking spots all over the city. 

While Mobilib’ will not only reduce the number of vehicles on the road, the programme has to provide a cleaner city fleet as well. About 500 of the entire fleet will be hybrid cars and ICE ones, while 713 of them must be electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles only. 

The public car sharing service will exist next to and independent from the current carsharing providers operating in the city such as Free2Move, Renault and Car2Go. At the moment there are already 300 cars in service of Mobilib, by the end of May that should be about 600, and the goal of 1,213 cars should be reached by 1 September. 

Authored by: Fien Van den steen