11 Feb 19

SuiviDeFlotte moves into a higher gear

With a strong research & development team, the telematics company is redoubling its innovations and its ambition in a strongly growing marketplace.

The future of telematics is mobile. According to a survey by Médiamétrie cited by SuiviDeFlotte.net, 46% of internet users in France browse the web on their smartphone and smartphone ownership is expected to increase from 79.8% in 2018 to 85% in 2019.

Mobile applications

In light of these trends, SuiviDeFlotte.net has developed various mobile applications for its telematics platform. One such application helps fleet managers, team leaders, daily rental managers and other managers obtain all technical vehicle data to analyse vehicle usage and driving behaviour.

“We’re going beyond what our competitors are doing, offering more reporting options, an eco-driving tool and the possibility to integrate and compare several branches by adding associated accounts,” said Julien Rousseau, CEO, SuiviDeFlotte.net.

The second mobile application is aimed at drivers and includes company-specific points of interest. It can also be used to send and receive messages and to obtain driving behaviour data.

Fleet management tool

SuiviDeFlotte.net is also launching a fleet management tool under the banner of  SuiviParc, an application that can analyse the condition of each vehicle. By taking a picture with the smartphone camera, the app can easily identify the vehicle. Subsequently, the user can take pictures of all sides, adding each scrape, dent, broken item or any other incident with a tap on the screen.

SuiviDeFlotte.net is also developing links with other applications: HR software, ERP, car sharing etc. Of note is the interface with Lucca, a HR tool that forwards traffic fines to the driver and that can switch the system to private mode during holidays.

Telematics data are also used in smart city environments. Indeed, SuiviDeFlotte.net transmits data from its client Veolia to the urban communities of Lyon, Lille and the Arc Atlantique, who use them to optimise traffic flows. In exchange, SuiviDeFlotte.net receives information about road works, bin lorry and school bus schedules, and forwards this information to its clients and their drivers.

In all, more than 24 interfaces are now available or in development.

“Within three years,” said Julien Rousseau, “more than half of our clients will benefit from such connectors.” Today, his company already boasts an installed fleet of 40,000 vehicles in more than 2,600 companies and predicts a 5 to 10% turnover increase in 2019.

Author: Eric Gibory