24 Sep 21

Helbiz and Drover partner up for safer scooter sharing

Image depicting micro-mobility company Helbiz and Drover AI

Micro-mobility provider Helbiz has announced a partnership with Drover AI to integrate PathPilot safety technology into Helbiz e-Scooters.

Under the terms of the deal, Helbiz will exclusively operate PathPilot in Italy, with an initial deployment in Milan by the end of 2021. There are plans to expand the integration across other markets in the future.

Powered by AI

PathPilot is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision, using onboard cameras, which enable it to detect footpath, street or bike lane riding and verify proper parking in real-time. This will help reduce scooter clutter and blocking of ADA wheelchair ramps. The technology can also automatically reduce the speed of an e-Scooter and alert those nearby when it enters a footpath or other geofenced area, thus ensuring the safety of riders and pedestrians.

“At Helbiz, we are dedicated to providing safe and efficient micro-mobility services to the cities in which we operate,” said Vivian Myrtetus, Head of Partnerships & Policy at Helbiz. “The integration of Drover’s PathPilot technology will help us better enforce local regulations and create a safer experience for riders and pedestrians alike. We are thrilled to partner with Drover as we continue our expansion efforts.”

Authored by: Alison Pittaway