17 Dec 18

U Go by Leasys offers peer-to-peer car sharing in Italy

Leasys U Go Italy

Own a car and want to share it with other people in return for a fee? In Italy, you can now start using Leasys' U Go platform to do so. Vehicle owners, called U Go Players, register their car online and indicate when, where and at which rate it is available. Consumers who don't have a car but need one occasionally - the so-called U Go Users - can see on the U Go app which options they have.

Players and Users make the appointment for the hand over of car and key - Leasys does not intervene logistically. Neither does it take a commission - unlike AirBnb, a platform to which it bears a resemblance to. Users can also rate Players and vice versa. Interestingly, Leasys provides insurance coverage for each car shared. As such, Leasys U Go could be an alternative for short-term vehicle rental. 

Picture taken as a screen shot from U Go by Leasys' instructional video on youtube.

Authored by: Dieter Quartier