20 Dec 19

Europcar Netherlands partners with carsharer Stapp.in

Europcar Netherlands is partnering with Stapp.in, a provider of carsharing services. Europcar vehicles will be fitted with a Smartbox, allowing its customers to reserve, open and close the car via an app. A physical key transfer will no longer be necessary. 

For Europcar, carsharing is a useful addition to its current range of products and services, helping customers to reduce the TCO of their fleet, while responding to market demands for total mobility solutions. Carsharing also increases the flexibility and sustainability of fleets. 

Stapp.in is aimed first and foremost at corporate customers, but the app can allows corporates to provide company cars for private use outside office hours. The partnership also involved a third party, Vecore, which takes care of the technical aspects of sharing and managing the vehicles. 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs