8 Nov 21

Unilever partners with XXImo for sustainable mobility

Following an extensive tender process, Unilever Netherlands (pictured: Unilever's Rotterdam HQ) has picked XXImo to implement its new mobility policy, which consists of four pillars: sustainability, employee experience, the future of work, and simplicity.

The XXImo platform is instrumental. It allows Unilever to set mobility profiles for groups of employees, or even individually. Each profile can be configured in terms of how, when and by which mobility modes the employees are allowed to travel. Within those parameters, the employees are free to use and combine mobility modes. 

The system is in place since 1 November and applies to nearly 2,000 Unilever employees in the Netherlands, who can now manage all their options for commuting from a single platform. XXImo’s virtual mobility card offers access to both public transport (trains) and shared transport (scooters, cars, bicycles). 

The platform also allows users to easily claim back expenses if they use their own car – however, reimbursement is higher for more sustainable modes of transport

“Until recently, mobility policies at Unilever revolved around a five-day working week in one location. But over the past years, a lot has changed in the way we work and travel”, says Charlotte Potman, Unilever Labour Relations Manager. “Employee surveys show they now want a more flexible mobility policy. With XXImo, we’ve found the right partner to implement this. With a single platform, we can now manage everything related to mobility, both from an employee and a fleet perspective.”

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Frank Jacobs