12 Nov 19

ViaVan and Shell launch EV ride sharing in Amsterdam

ViaVan and Shell are teaming up to launch a rideshare service in Amsterdam that will offer its users emission-free transport in the city.

The project brings together ViaVan’s expertise in on-demand mobility technology with Shell’s charging capabilities, demonstrating the viability of shared electric vehicle fleets in urban environments. ViaVan and Shell aim to show that high-capacity electric fleets van improve performance when routing to available chargers is intelligently optimised.

Forward-thinking cities like Amsterdam have made extensive investments in public charging infrastructure. Making the most efficient use of this infrastructure involves a complex interplay between private vehicles, mobility provider fleets, and geographically dispersed charging stations.

Amsterdam was selected as the initial market for the project in large part for its commitment to transport sustainability. The City has stated clear goals to achieve zero-emission transport by 2025.

ViaVan is an on-demand shared transit company founded in 2017 as a joint venture between Mercedes-Benz Vans and the US vehicle-sharing service Via.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck