6 Dec 19

ALD Carsharing launches in France, Netherlands and Spain

ALD has launched its fully digital corporate carsharing solution in three more countries. Corporate customers in France, the Netherlands and Spain can now benefit from ALD Carsharing, which allows employees to share a pool of corporate vehicles. 

ALD Carsharing was already operational in Germany, Italy and Denmark. Further rollout of ALD Carsharing is currently being prepared in Norway. To date, the platform manages a total of more than 2,500 vehicles, primarily in Italy. Given the recent launches elsewhere and the new countries added now, these numbers look destined to increase shortly, and sharply.

Twin benefits
As ALD's proprietary corporate carsharing platform ALD Carsharing allows employees to share a pool of company vehicles, for both professional and private use. The platform produces twin benefits: better fleet usage, and lower mobility costs. 

Thanks to an in-house digital platform and a dedicated app, ALD Carsharing is flexible, easy to use and covers the entire driver journey. Employees book their trips via the app and have keyless access to the pool cars.

Employee satisfaction
By its very nature, carsharing is more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly than the one-driver-one-car model. From a corporate perspective, carsharing is especially useful to address parking limitations, enhance employee satisfaction by providing cars for personal use, optimise fleet assets and limit spend on taxis and other means of transport.

This is how ALD Carsharing works: each vehicle is equipped with an On-Board Unit (OBU)  that allows fleet managers to monitor fleet availability and usage in real-time, and evaluate TCO for each vehicle in order to optimise usage. The system runs on a digital platform developed by ALD's own Centre of Excellence in Italy. 

Key player
Carsharing provides other benefits than those of scale. It's a very effective way to introduce and integrate electric vehicles (EVs) into a corporate fleet. Shared use of EVs is proven to help drivers overcome range anxiety and other issues with EVs. This will promote the mainstreaming of sustainable mobility and help lower CO2 emissions. 

ALD has developed its corporate carsharing solution with just this in mind. “ALD Carsharing is helping to shape our urban mobility offering going forward, as well as supporting our sustainable growth strategy as a key player in the energy transition,” says John Saffrett, Deputy CEO at ALD.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs