24 Jun 19

Sixt Share: Mix and Match Mobility

Besides car rental, Sixt now offers car sharing and ride/taxi hailing as well. Mix and Match with the new Sixt offer!

Sixt recently expanded its mobility offer from car rental (Sixt Rent) to include ride/taxi hailing (Sixt ride, the world’s biggest ridehailing network) and car sharing (Sixt share) services as well – bringing them all together on its MaaS platform, Sixt One. With MaaS and shared mobility on the rise, it’s not a surprise that an established mobility provider like Sixt is expanding beyond its core car rental business.

‘We believe that car rental is only one component of a complex mobility mix,’ explains Vinzenz Pflanz, Senior Vice President Corporate Sales Sixt SE. ‘Existing offers are too short in time and too fragmented. That’s why we offer our customers an integrated mobility platform, via our SIXT app. The aim is to offer them the broadest possible range of vehicles and mobility options at the best price, anytime, anywhere.’

Why use Sixt Share?

First of all, because of its flexibility. Sixt share allows you to use a shared car for anywhere between a couple of minutes up to 27 days, an attractive alternative to longer-term car rental. Moreover, thanks to Sixt’s global network, you can choose to pick up or drop off the car at more than 2,200 stations worldwide. In addition, Sixt share’s pricing system uses Artificial Intelligence to optimise the customer’s price based on location, time, and drop-off points (among other criteria).

Shaping future mobility

Although this specific service is new, Sixt share is by no means a new and inexperienced car sharing company. On the contrary, the fact that the service relies on the experience and logistics of Sixt car rental puts it miles ahead of its competitors. There is the global network, the extended fleet, and the wide
range from car sharing up to car rental. 

Nevertheless, Sixt share is by no means an attempt to replace Sixt’s core business of car rental. Rather, it is a complimentary offering, providing Sixt customers with the best mobility solution for their needs.

Mix & match

Overall, Sixt’s move towards sharing fits in with the broader trend whereby established mobility providers morph into mobility aggregators, and/or expand their core business to include mobility as a service. The Sixt One mobility platform tackles the challenge of today’s fragmented mobility offer by offering the user increased convenience.

The aim is to give (business) travellers the broadest possible range of vehicles and the most appropriate mobility solutions at the best possible price, anytime, anywhere – and this with a mix-and-match of all existing Sixt services. Moreover, all these services will be easily bookable and payable via the same app, taking user convenience to the next level.


Sixt Share – step by step

So, how does it work? Via the app, you can easily make a reservation, book, pay, and even access the car.

  1. Download the Sixt Share app
  2. Register for free
  3. Locate and select a vehicle via the app
  4. Book, pay and unlock the vehicle, and you are good to go!
  5. Park the car free of charge in any available parking space within the business area of Sixt share cities. If you want to park your car during the rental period, you can lock and unlock the car with the physical key. At the end of your rental period, you lock the car with the app.
  6. The payment can be done either via your business credit card or on your professional account. It’s easy to separate leisure and business trips, even while using one and the same app.
  7. Additionally, if you need to refuel the car you can do so at a partnering Total station and you can pay via the Sixt app as well.