9 Jan 18

Car owners can share and monetise their car via Drivy

The average privately-owned car costs €6,500 a year to own and run, sits idle for more than 90% of the time and carries an average of just 1.5 persons per trip. No wonder shared mobility is an increasingly attractive and popular proposition. 

Uber has benefited from the trend to become the world's major ride-hailing company. But it is not alone. Drivy is one of the companies challenging Uber's dominance. The France-based car rental marketplace manages more than 50,000 shared cars across 6 countries in Europe for its 1.5 million users. 

“Our success comes from the convenience of our service, offering individuals freedom and flexibility at a fraction of the cost of car ownership”, says Paulin Dementhon (39), who founded the company back in 2010. 

The aim was to provide car owners – both private and corporate – with a platform to rent out their vehicles. Since then, more than 3 million rental days have been booked through Drivy's online portal. 

Drivy does not see itself as a direct competitor of Uber, Lyft and the like: those 'traditional' ride-hailers are focused on relatively short trips within cities, Drivy focuses on longer rides that get out of cities. 

“Our aim is to build a product convenient enough to create a cultural shift away from ownership towards usership”, says Dementhon. Drivy is making significant progress – it already is the leading car rental marketplace in Europe. 

Already present in France, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Austria, Drivy is now expanding into the UK. Dementhon's ambition for the following years is for Drivy's on-demand solution to be available at every street corner in all major cities across Europe, and beyond. 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs