12 Jun 17

Dutch companies turn to car-sharing

The Netherlands continues to show the way to other European countries when it comes to smart mobility initiatives such as corporate car-sharing. A survey carried out by Arval shows that three times more companies include car-sharing cars in their fleets now, than was the case in 2014. Cars are often made available for trips within the company’s own premises, ans are sen as an important part of the mobility offering.

Commenting, Arval Sales Director Matthijs Wouters says: “The Netherlands holds top position in Europe when it comes to company car-sharing. This is shown by the annual Corporate Vehicle Observatory. Companies are seeing the mobility wishes of their personnel change. Many still want the traditional company car, but many also want flexibility in the mobility offering. This includes public transport as the best option within the city, but cars for business meetings”.

Among companies with more than 50 fleet cars, almost half (42%) already use car sharing, and another 9% will probably do so within three years.

(Image: driveeurope)

Authored by: Tim Harrup