20 Nov 17

PSA closes Multicity carsharing in Berlin

After five years in operation, PSA has closed down Multicity, its carsharing service in Berlin. 

Multicity offered more than 200 free-floating Citroën C Zero electric vehicles, and C1 minicars. In Berlin, the service had to compete against Car2Go, Daimler's successful carsharing programme. 

Still, PSA says it learned a few valuable lessons – ensure you have enough cars, for example. “Some users had to walk a kilometre or more to reach one of our cars”, says Brigitte Courtehoux, Senior VP for Mobility Services at PSA. 

Some of those lessons were learned at Emov, PSA's carsharing service launched last December in Madrid, and already boasting 100,000 repeat users. 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs