26 Jan 22

Belgium monitors mobility cost in a public dashboard

Belgium monitors mobility cost in a public dashboard

To gain better insight into critical mobility indicators, the Belgian federation of car and bike importers FEBIAC has joined forces with entrepreneurial association VBO FEB to launch a Mobility Dashboard.

This neutral platform is accessible to the public and covers the whole country. With regular updates, it provides all the relevant data on the national car fleet, ranging from the cost of congestion, the fuel mix of Belgian registrations, the CO2 emissions of the car park and so on. Train punctuality and multimodal nodes, which can be consulted at the municipal level, are also incorporated.

Fact-based mobility solution

By providing this scientifically-based data, both organizations want to help citizens and decision-makers, whether they are corporate or political, to have a fact-based tool to choose the right mobility solution(s).

In The Netherlands, DMI (Dutch Mobility Innovations) utilizes a similar barometer, for professionals, extended with a knowledge centre of specialised papers. Due to the Covid pandemic, various research initiatives for collecting data on changing traffic behaviour were conducted all over Europe.

But the Belgian Mobility Dashboard is unprecedented. As a spokesperson for FEBIAC Christophe Dubon comments: “To our knowledge, no other tool keeps track of the evolution of jams per hour and certainly don’t take into account the cost-calculation of congestion on a monthly basis." The added value for companies and the latter is what VBO FEB is enthusiastic about.

In the big EU countries, national mobility data is mainly managed and provided on demand by specialised or academic organisations and are less readily accessible.

As for now, the Belgian Mobility Dashboard has been launched as a first draft. Over the coming months, the provided data will be upgraded with fresh indicators, ranging from fuel consumption, average driving distances, charging infrastructure and the proportions of various modes of transportation.

And in order to make the tool truly comprehensible for everyone, it is also in English.

Image: Belgian Mobility Dashboard

Authored by: Piet Andries