13 Apr 18

Swapfiets comes to Belgium

On Thursday in Antwerp, Belgium, a new service from the Netherlands, Swapfiets (Swap-bike) was launched. As ‘New Mobility News’ reports, this a new bicycle system, based on the principle of personal leasing. The service already has 33,000 clients in its home country and was nominated ‘Dutch start-up of the Year’. The website goes on to point out that it was developed by three students of the Technical University of Delft. Swapfiets hopes to have 2,500 subscriptions in Antwerp within a year.

The principle is that for 17,5 Euros per month – students only pay Euros – subscribers get a bicycle with seven gears, a double lock, lights and a theft insurance. In case of a defect, says New Mobility News, such as a flat tyre, a bicycle repairer will come within 12 hours after your call to mend the problem or to ‘swap’ the bike for another one.

(image: upcoming.nl)

Authored by: Tim Harrup