26 Sep 18

ALD to offer electric kick scooters in Belgium

ALD Automotive is adding a new product to its portfolio in Belgium: electric kick scooters. The new mobility solution is intended to make the last mile easier and less stressful.

The kick scooter can be leased independently or as part of a mobility lease contract. It is lighter and more compact than a folding bicycle and it is available in various models. The lightest model has a range of 50 kilometres, the heavier model can go 70 kilometres on one charge. The maximum speed is around 18kph.

ALD Automotive quotes growing traffic congestion across the country as an important motivation to offer new mobility solutions, pointing out the last mile in particular is challenging, both in terms of congestion and parking availability.

"All of us have to evolve towards a more thought-out mobility policy," commented Miel Horsten, Managing Director ALD Automotive. "As a mobility company, we take responsibility by offering our customers various environmentally friendly options so we can develop a tailor-made solution for everyone."

Image source: ALD Automotive

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck