29 Mar 19

CTG chooses Alphabet to expand its mobility offer

IT services provider CTG is partnering with Alphabet to offer its employees in Belgium a wider range of mobility options. The company now also offers MINIs in addition to the Toyota Yaris. 

Since the introduction of the Flex Income Plan in 2011, it’s been company policy at CTG to give employees the chance to adapt their benefits package to their own needs. The addition of the MINIs (pictured) increases their options. 

Add-on Mobility
“Alphabet Belgium has been our mobility partner for several years now. Add-on Mobility is a perfect example of their innovative approach,” says Sandra Devleeschouwer, who manages CTG’s Flex Income Plan. 

With Add-on Mobility, Alphabet aims to offer its customers (and their drivers) the most suitable mobility solution at all times. The formula allows users to combine an environmentally-friendly (electric) vehicle with another one that has a greater range and volume when needed (for example on holiday). The central concepts: flexibility, freedom, space. 

52,000 vehicles
“Our employees are IT consultants who work at our customers’ premises. They have to be able to travel from one place to another in a flexible manner. To this end, we offer them a company car in combination with public transport. That, in turn, allows an employee to decide what is best for them,” adds Ms Devleeschouwer. 

Alphabet manages over 52,000 vehicles in Belgium, making it one of the three biggest lease companies in the country.


Authored by: Frank Jacobs