27 Sep 18

New sharing option in Brussels

A month after they were introduced into Paris, it has been announced that the ‘Bird’ shared electric pavement scooter system is coming to Brussels. These machines – reminiscent of the sort of scooter which young children have always raced around on using one leg to keep on the machine and the other for power – are increasingly being used by city-dwellers, and Brussels is no exception.

Bird works via a smartphone app enabling the user to reserve and take possession of a scooter. Jonatan de Boer, Director General of Bird in Brussels, explains the concept: “One of the greatest challenges facing modern cities is the growing saturation of the road network and the decreasing quality of the air. The mission of Bird lies in resolving this problem by avoiding the necessity for people to take their cars but to opt for environmentally friendly shared scooters. In those cities where Bird is already operational, it helps people connect easily with public transport. These short distance trips were previously often made by car.”

The system is available from 7.00 am to 9.00 pm. Outside of these times Bird is required to remove the scooters from the streets for security reasons.

Image: Bird

Authored by: Tim Harrup