18 Oct 18

Skoda launches car-sharing for students

Skoda has launched Uniqway, a car-sharing platform for university students and staff that is unique in Europe. 

Uniqway was developed and trialled by Skoda Auto and the Skoda Auto DigiLab, in collaboration with the Czech Technical University, the Czech University of Life Sciences and the University of Economics. It is at these three Prague-based institutions that the platform has now started day-to-day operations. 

As part of its 2025 Strategy, Skoda is pursuing digital mobility as one of the pillars of its future development. The Skoda Auto DigiLab in Prague aims to strengthen the OEM’s innovative capability and digital expertise, among others by developing digital mobility services like Uniqway. 

The idea behind Uniqway was to develop a shared-mobility scheme by and for students – i.e. for a target group with an extremely limited budget. The car-sharing service and the accompanying app were designed by students. Three hundred students participated in the test phase, which ran from the start of July, and the operational management of which was gradually taken over by the students themselves. 

Skoda made available 15 Fabia Style cars. Students register for free, and find and reserve cars online. Uniqway is expected to expand to other Czech universities soon. 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs