26 Sep 18

Skoda to develop urban mobility services

Within the Volkswagen Group, Skoda seemed to be the car brand paying the least attention to alternative mobility solutions. But things are changing. Skoda announced that it will be developing a series of sustainable urban mobility services together with the city of Prague and the Czech Technical University. Initiatives will be taken in the field of e-mobility, digital mobility services, new sharing models and the exchange of data between vehicles and infrastructure. The three partners signed a memorandum of understanding.

Car-sharing and Parking
The focus is on car-sharing models using future electric Skoda cars and the creation of a pool of electric scooters. Recently the city of Prague introduced the Moje Praha (My Prague) app, which also includes vehicles from Skoda’s car-sharing platform HoppyGo. The app displays the so-called car-sharing atlas, which is continuously being expanded, and shows locations where you can currently find available cars from car-sharing providers. After its launch in Prague, HoppyGo is expected to soon be available across the Czech Republic.

Other projects concern the area of ‘Smart Parking’. In addition, Skoda’s mobility services will be connected to a travel card for public transport in Prague. Thus, the card will also provide its users with a car-sharing account in future.

Bernhard Maier, CEO of Skoda, said, “With the signing of the memorandum we are taking another important step along the route from purely a car manufacturer to the Simply Clever company for the best mobility solutions. This is the finishing-line photo that we have defined as part of our 2025 Strategy.”

Picture copyright: Skoda Auto

Authored by: Steven Schoefs