19 Oct 17

Athlon revises EV lease fees downward

Athlon Belgium is revising downward the fees it charges for leasing electric vehicles (EVs).  Analysis shows the cost for maintenance and insurance of EVs had been valued too high, and the residual values (RVs) for EVs had been valued too low. 

Evs require significantly less maintenance than traditional cars because they lack a combustion engine, an exhaust and a clutch, and thus have less of an issue with wear and tear. Also they don't require frequent oil changes, plus the brakes wear out less because of regenerative braking. 

Statistics also show that EV drivers cause less accidents that drivers with combustion engines – and that if they do, the damage is less serious. That is why Athlon Belgium now has insurance products specifically for EVs, 30% cheaper than previous premiums. 

On top of that, the RVs for EVs are starting to go up as the market in second-hand electric vehicles is taking off, says Athlon Belgium. All of which is providing the lease company the margin to lower EV leasing prices. 

Image: Athlon

Authored by: Frank Jacobs