14 Dec 21

Belgian car importer D’Ieteren accelerates its bike retail activities

Image of iBike store front

Importer for all car brands from the VW Group in Belgium D’Ieteren has acquired retailer iBike from Antwerp. With eight shops and an enormous warehouse, the chain sells more than 30 bike brands and is one of the biggest national players in the field. Next to private clients, companies and governmental organisations are an important part of its customer base.

The acquisition follows D’Ieteren's take-over of Goodbikes, another bike chain located in Brussels.

D'Ieteren is in the process of building up a comprehensive bike division through acquisitions, mainly in major cities, building on the expertise of the existing teams. The new owner adds its know-how in marketing, online sales, financing, B2B and network management.

New flagship bike store in Brussels

In Brussels, a new flagship store will be erected for an omnichannel experience. Online information will be supplemented with on-site consultants and even a test track to try out the bikes in store.  

Several car importers in Europe are making the shift towards mobility providers. D’Ieteren has also laid out a strategic plan to remain relevant in a world with changing mobility needs. Their own study revealed that after corona about 15% of transportation will be carried out by bikes. The market for cyclists is expected to rise by more than 20 per cent by the end of the decade.

Within five years the company aims for a retail chain for bikes covering the complete country. The mobility arm of D’Ieteren also comprises the car-sharing company Poppy and Skipr, a mobility app.

Image source: iBike

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Authored by: Piet Andries