19 Apr 17

Pascal Serres supports Nexus Communication with fleet and mobility expertise

Pascal Serres, formerly Deputy CEO of ALD Automotive, is to provide expertise and insight to Fleet Europe, Global Fleet and Smart Mobility. That has been agreed between Mr. Serres and Nexus Communication, the publisher of the three Fleet and Mobility business platforms for international decision makers.

Pascal Serres, who has over 15 years’ experience in international fleet and mobility management and car leasing, will offer his advice via MOBY-D, his new consultancy firm. At Nexus Communication, he joins the ranks of other Fleet and Mobility experts with industry-wide renown, including Robert Boscari, Tony Elliot, Wolfgang Reinhold and Michel Van den Broeck. 

The input of Mr. Serres will be especially valuable for the development of Global Fleet activities in Latin America, a region he knows particularly well. He will also monitor closely the ongoing innovations in mobility – both in Europe and elsewhere. Last but not least, his exceptional experience in car leasing and fleet management will allow the editorial team of Nexus Communication to offer its readership analysis that is even better tailored to its needs.

Pascal Serres is one of the outstanding analysts of the Fleet and Mobility industries today. By engaging him, Nexus Communication demonstrates its continuous ambition to increase both the scope and the depth of its reporting.

Thierry Degives and Caroline Thonnon – CEOs, Nexus Communication

Authored by: Caroline Thonnon