1 Oct 18

Toyota to launch Yuko for corporates in Denmark and Spain

Early next year, Toyota will roll out Yuko in Denmark and Spain. The Japanese manufacturer’s car-sharing service will be reserved strictly for corporate clients.

Yuko already has a tiny footprint in Europe – less than 100 vehicles in Dublin (Ireland) and Venice and Forli (Italy) combined – but the existing service caters to the general public, which can book Yaris cars via the Yuko app. Toyota also offers Yuko for individual customers in Hawaii.

Denmark and Spain will be the first countries in the world to get a Yuko service that is focused on the corporate sector only. In its corporate version, Yuko’s cars will use Toyota’s own data platform for communication functions and services. 

The cars will be located in strategically located parking areas in big cities and can be booked via smartphone. The manufacturer eventually wants to develop a fleet management and reservation system via which customers can also unlock and start the vehicles via smartphone.

Employees of participating companies will be able to reserve Toyotas – the C-HR, a hybrid SUV, rather than the Yaris – for their business trips. However, they will also be able to use these vehicles privately, outside office hours and on weekends.  

Yuko will launch with 100 C-HRs in Copenhagen and 65 in Madrid but Toyota already forecasts these fleets will grow to 250 and 100 units respectively. The manufacturer aims to deploy Yuko for business in its home market of Japan and in other markets.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs