6 Jan 16

Transpoco launches telematics service SynX

Telematics company Transpoco has launched SynX, a new service designed to help Europe’s car, van and truck fleets reduce fuel, maintenance and insurance costs. SynX is a cloud computing based service which integrates GPS software with data from fuel cards to provide cost saving business intelligence. Synx is based on research conducted by Transpoco which found at least a 20% difference in fuel consumption and 35% in maintenance costs between best and worst performing drivers. 

“Fleet managers are not fully exploiting GPS tracking technology, because they are too busy,” commented Andrew Fleury (pictured), CEO, Transpoco. “While they use basic features of GPS, they never really get to the stage of accessing real business intelligence. They don’t have time to analyse data from different suppliers, such as fuel, vehicle maintenance etc. The SynX product automates this analysis and pinpoints key actions that need to be taken.”

Transpoco is targeting fleets as well as partners such as leasing firms and fuel card companies who want to provide added value services to their fleet customers. Fuel card company Direct Fuels has already adopted SynX. “The capability to offer a fuel saving system that can help to cut their maintenance, fuel and insurance costs changes our relationship with the customer. As a result of this data we can really be a trusted advisor to our customers,” commented Kieran Dunne, Managing Director, Direct Fuels.


Authored by: Steven Schoefs