28 Feb 18

All Sixt products bundled in new Sales channel

Sixt is realigning its sales structure to fit the changing needs of its corporate customers. From now on, all Group products are offered via the new, unified Group Sales channel, headed by Vinzenz Pflanz (pictured). 

Car rental, ride-hailing, leasing, fleet management, innovative mobility: if Sixt offers it, corporate customers now need to turn to just one place only to get it. And that is Group Sales, a new channel that will bundle and distribute all products to corporate customers.

“Sixt is the comprehensive mobility provider”, says Konstantin Sixt, CSO of Sixt SE. “We're the only provider on the market who can offer our customers needs-oriented services and leasing, whether for six minutes, six days, six months or six years”.

Indeed, the new structure pairs well with Sixt's new MaaS strategy, offering a wide range of Mobility as a Service options to customers, from Sixt rent a car and Sixt rent a truck over Sixt sports & luxury cars to Sixt mydriver (chauffeured mobility) and car-sharing options. 

Logical step
That unique bundling ability is now also reflected in the new sales structure - Sixt's next logical step towards customised, single-source mobility solutions. Vinzenz Pflanz (45) has been named Senior Vice President of Group Sales. 

Mr Pflanz (pictured) has more than 20 years' experience in the industry, including six years as CCO at Fleet Logistics and most recently, since January 2016, as CSO at Sixt Leasing. In his new role, he will coordinate national and international corporate customer sales, reporting directly to Konstantin Sixt.

Digital sales
In a simultaneous and related move, Sixt has named Oliver Popkowitz (34) Senior Director of SME & Digital Sales. Effective immediately, Mr Popkowitz assumes responsibility for Sixt's Global Sales and Marketing efforts aimed at Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. He is also tasked with expanding and accelerating Sixt's digitalisation efforts. 

A graduate of Hamburg and Nottingham universities, Mr Popkowitz previously worked as a management consultant at Boston Consulting Group and directed sales for Groupon in Northern Germany. 

Driving forces
In 2013, he joined the corporate customer sales effort at Sixt's car rental division, and from 2015 he headed international corporate customer sales for Sixt's eight European subsidiaries outside Germany. In his new role, he too will report directly to Konstantin Sixt. 

“We are convinced that Mr Vinzenz Pflanz and Mr Oliver Popkowitz will be driving forces in their new positions, continuing the international development of our offers for corporate clients", Mr Sixt says.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs