28 Nov 18

Autonomous vehicles looking for solution providers

One of the most futuristic mobility disruptors, even though it's already being deployed in several pilot projects, is the autonomous vehicle. That's why we asked two experts to tell us more about this topic during the Smart Mobility Talks at the Fleet Europe Summit.


Mobility as a service will eventually become part of an overall connected life, explained Marco Canesi (Vodafone Automotive). Eventually, by becoming part of our habitat they will enhance road safety. Canesi pointed out the overall importance of communication to the entire network, from car manufacturer over customer to infrastructure and eventually with its entire surroundings and vice versa.


Which is where Suresh Kandiyoor (director global sales connected vehicles, Ericsson) comes in, by bringing its expertise in connectivity and service business into the automotive and transportation industries. ‘Now it is just data,’ he says, ‘but tomorrow the car is becoming a network-aware car; a mobile phone with wheels.’


Solution providers

When cars become more connected, and collect and exchange more data, the network is challenged – which is evolving into 5G – and security and safety issues are rising. Mr Kandiyoor explained where his and other similar companies could play a crucial role as solution providers.


The Autonomous business is a growing business, attracting new players to the automotive market, not at least a lot of startups who are looking like the above-mentioned companies to provide solutions for the automotive and mobility sector. Another reason why the Fleet Europe Summit was the perfect setting to meet many Smart Mobility Startups in our Smart Mobility village, during their pitch session, and during the Smart Mobility Startup Award.

Authored by: Fien Van den steen