18 Mar 19

Diverse tools for a diverse mobility ecosystem

Mobility cards are a suitable tool for an increasingly multimodal mobility ecosystem (see also here). As this overview of some options available today demonstrates, the services offered by the various mobility cards are as diverse as the ecosystem itself. 

XXImo offers the Business Mobility Card, which can be used for refuelling, parking, taxis, EV charging, public transport and other travel expenses. The card is live in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In Belgium, the mobility specialist is launching a Mobility Budget Card. This provides access to transport options available via the mobility budget which will legally enter into force from March. Both systems can be combined, and managed via the central Milo app (for planning, mobile payment and admin). 

Modalizy offers two cars to manage all your corporate mobility needs in Belgium. The Modalizy Pass is a MasterCard that allows users to take public transport, taxis, rental bikes and other modes of transport. Modalizy Refill is a single fuel card that allows users to tank their ICE vehicle or recharge their EV. This B2B mobility solution covers all corporate mobility needs and simplifies the processing of travel expenses. In March, the company launched Modalizy Budget and Modalizy Flex, two solutions tailored to the new mobility budget option and various corporate cafeteria plans, respectively. 

Issued by Deutsche Bahn, the BahnCard 25, 50 and 100 offer discounts of 25%, 50% and 100% respectively on all flexible and saver train fares within Germany. The BahnCard 100 also includes a City-Ticket, which offers free unlimited transport on local transport (buses, trams, S-Bahn and U-Bahn) in German cities. 

Citymapper Pass
The public-transportation app and mapping service is transforming itself into a mobility platform. In the next few weeks, it will launch Citymapper Pass in London, a prepaid card offering two types of subscriptions: either full access to the metro, buses and other means of public transport in London’s zones 1 and 2 (for £30/week), or that same offer plus unlimited access to the Santander shared bikes and two rides on Citymapper’s own ridesharing service (for £40/week). Extras (e.g. tube trips outside zone 2) can also be paid for with the card. Other services (e.g. e-scooters) will be added later. 

Belmoto Mobility-Card
Hamburg-based Belmoto offers a prepaid card that corporates can provide to their employees who have chosen a mobility budget over a company car. Those employees can use the amount provided by their employers for a range of mobility options, from bike- to carsharing, taxis and public transport. If company cars are available, they can be shared via the Belmoto Mobility-Card. Users can spend any part of the budget that they haven’t spent on corporate mobility for private purposes.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs