14 May 19

e.GO, the micro electric car

Micro cars are making their way onto the roads. The eGO Life, the first micro EV of the new brand eGO, was launched in Germany and will soon be available for Dutch drivers as well, while its competitor the Microlino had to postpone its deliveries.

e.GO Life

The e.GO life is the first EV produced by the new EV brand e.GO. As a micro EV it competes with the typical electric smart, and offers seating space for up to 4 people – or 2 people and shopping bags.  

The micro EV will be a typical urban car with a range of 100 to 145km (depending on the version) and a battery capacity of 21.5kW and a consumption of 19.9 kWh/100km. With their small battery they can easily and fast be charged at home in just a couple of hours.

Three Versions

The e.GO Life will be available in three versions, depending on battery type, range, power, equipment and price of course.

  • e.GO Life 20: range 100km, top speed 112km/h, charging time 3.8 – 5.4h
  • e.GO Life 40: range 113km, top speed 123km/h, charging time 4.5 - 7.3h
  • e.GO Life 60: range 145km, top speed 142km/h, charging time 6.9 – 9.8h

On the road

The cheapest version will be available as from €16,150 in the Netherlands, as from €15,900 in Germany. For the Netherlands, orders will start in the summer, so the first e.GO Life cars will be on the road as from 2020. In Germany, the first e.GO Lifes are even already delivered in some places.

Micromobility, urban mobility of the future 

Yet, the e.GO Life is not the only microcar on the road, but it is part of a broader trend of startups and even car manufacturers that launch a new urban mobility solution

The Microlino, one of the other micro EVs we discussed previously, announced that its expected debut of April 2019 had to be postponed due to the relocation of production to Germany after its production partner TMI was acquired by Artega. A new date is not announced yet. 

The future roads could become more and more diverse, with these micro EVs between scooters, bikes and cars. 

Authored by: Fien Van den steen