23 Nov 23

The European Smart Mobility Manager of the Year 2023 is Steffen Krautwasser, SAP

The European Smart Mobility Manager of the Year 2023 is Steffen Krautwasser, Head of Global Car Fleet, SAP. The award was presented by Michael Poglitsch, Managing Director, Mobinck

The European Smart Mobility Manager of the Year Award celebrates excellence in a strategy that extends beyond the vehicle fleet program and encompasses the entire employee community. This strategy includes providing alternative and innovative mobility options alongside the company car. The outcome is a program that enhances employee mobility in a more cost-effective, time-efficient, and environmentally sustainable manner while also promoting employee well-being.

Mobility Budget
The Jury was thoroughly impressed with Stefan's seamless integration of a mobility strategy into SAP's overarching sustainability plan, showcasing a forward-thinking approach. In April 2023, SAP introduced a flexible mobility budget as an innovative alternative to traditional company vehicles, demonstrating a commitment to adaptive and eco-conscious transportation options. Notably, SAP has also proposed a robust bike lease program, furthering its commitment to sustainable mobility. With a significant 32% adoption rate of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in Germany,

SAP is leading by example in promoting eco-friendly transport solutions. The company's proactive change management strategies, such as e-mobility days and a Car Fleet Video mini-series, have fostered a smooth transition towards these sustainable practices. Additionally, SAP's efficient decision-making process and establishment of a single point of success for car fleet and mobility initiatives have streamlined their efforts and ensured the program's success.

Steffen and his team manage a fleet of 28.415 vehicles across the globe, of which 23.850 in Europe.

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