29 Nov 18

Five Corporate Side Presentations at the 2018 Fleet Europe Summit

Away from the buzz of the Village, 5 international Fleet and Mobility suppliers took the opportunity to showcase their services in a cosy and calm setting. During the Corporate Side Presentations, fleet clients had a glimpse into the future, with technology from today.

Mobileye’s Gil Ayalon demonstrated how connectivity between vehicles and infrastructure can improve the safety of drivers and passengers. The ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) registers driver behaviour, weather and traffic conditions in real time and anticipates potential danger situations. Mobileye’s equipment is retrofittable and turns every vehicle, old or new, into a “connected car”.

Alessandro Pigazzi and Valerie Merien from Arval/Element were the second keynote speakers. They shared with an engaged audience how Arval can partner up with corporate clients and help them prepare for future solutions. Arval has developed a SMaRT methodology (Sustainable Mobility and Responsibility Targets) that helps the clients in their journey from “ambition” to “solution”. Arval also showcased its www.arvaldriverprofile.be tool that helps the client assess the best powertrain for each of their users.

The next presentation came from SHELL and its member company NewMotion. In an exciting slideshow, Parminder Kohli from Shell and NewMotion’s Andre ten Bloemendal demonstrated that Shell will stay relevant in a changing energy ecosystem. The audience witnessed the flexibility of Shell’s solutions, that include hydrogen, biofuel, LNG and much more. A concept that was new for most of the attendees was “fuel on demand”, a unique vision on sharing resources between offer and demand.

GEOTAB’s Henk Kooijman shared the true potential of telematics. Much more that just “following the car”, GEOTAB has turned telematics from hardware to service. Applications such as Connected Maintenance can help the fleet owner plan and predict, thus saving cost. MooveSharing is a tool that turns each fleet into a shared car fleet, without much hassle. At GEOTAB, it’s all about unlocking the potential of telematics and reducing the TCM.

OMOOVE took care of the last presentation of the day. Edwin Colella explained how shared mobility, enhanced vehicle management and insurance telematics interface between end user and operator. Especially the concept of “mobility paradox”, the fact that mobility has become complex, exactly because there are so many solutions, led to conclude that tools can put the user, or the fleet manager, back at the centre.

Authored by: Yves Helven