29 Mar 19

Huub, the digital transport hub

Next Urban Mobility has launched the shared mobility app Huub, in which various modes of shared mobility can be reserved. 

Next Urban Mobility is a subsidiary of Pon Holdings, the company that also owns Greenwheels and the Dutch Volkswagen importer. The Huub app contains a wide variety of shared mobility modes, such as bikes, scooters and cars.

Huub will take off in various stages based on the so-called Huub spots of companies and housing sites who are willing to organise mobility of their employees or inhabitants differently. 

By the end of the year the current 5 Huub spots should increase to 20. In the long term Huub should become a meta provider, which allows a customer to contract a Huub shared mobility device, and the mobility services of the competing mobility providers as well. 

The transport hub of the future

In the end, Huub targets to ease the issue of availability, which is often a hurdle to take when opting for shared mobility. However, Huub already has its own mobility services, it is keen to work together with other mobility providers to expand its services, yet all accessible via the central platform of Huub. 

Besides accessibility Huub will also solve the inconvenience of the multimodal offer nowadays in which customers have to switch between a variety of mobility apps. Huub creates one central platform, becoming the digital transport hub of the future. 

Authored by: Fien Van den steen